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Re-imagining Fox Hole Films

Fox Hole Films are a Brisbane based film and videography company. They bring fun and creativity to set, providing a slick and personalised service to their clients. They felt this essence was missing from their existing branding and digital presence. They were unhappy with the design of their existing website, it didn't reflect the quality of their work. Fox Hole Films engaged us to create a bespoke brand and website that communicated their essence and embraced who they are as a company. They needed a solution that would grow with them.

The Woven team was amazing, friendly, professional and knowable. There was never a moment where I felt like I couldn't ask a question and get the answer or an amazing idea quickly. Can't recommend Woven enough.

James Kable


How did we do it?


Starting with strategy
Brand Essence workshop
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Starting with strategy, we spent time with the FHF crew to understand who they are, what they stood for, and their story. Working through our Brand Essence framework we identified brand goals and aspirations. This proven framework develops a set of foundational principles to inform design and creative decisions.

View more about our Brand Essence framework
Brand Identity concepting
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After the strategy was developed and agreed upon, this provided us with a direction to head in with the brand identity exploration, through refined stylescapes we were able to develop a direction that the client and us believed represented them the best.

Logo concepting
Making A responsive logo system
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Following the stylescapes, we moved to concepting and developing the primary logo identifier that worked within the agreed upon stylescape aesthetic. Working through sketches, concepts and finally a polished set of logos. From the final concept we created a unique logo system so that there is a logo or brand mark for any situation. This ensured a versatile yet cohesive identity was developed.

Logo development
Brand Identity development
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From the stylescapes we created, there were multiple elements that we had custom created through there that Fox Hole was really excited about being included in the brand identity, so once the logo started to form, we ensured everything worked together, pulling those custom elements out and refining the supporting visual elements to the brand.

Brand rollout
Brand application & roll out
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Ensuring the brand identity could be used across different mediums and collateral, we developed designs for a range of different physical and digital usecases for the Fox Hole Films brand, summed up in the brand guidelines document we delivered.

How did we do it?

Website design

Starting with Strategy
Designed to convert workshop
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We started by defining what success looks like and how we will achieve it. Through strategy we defined how the site should be structured to encourage conversions and serve their business.

View more about our Designed to Convert framework
POWERFUL Brand storytelling
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Working through the Brand Essence framework we distilled their brand into a Brand Story. A paragraph of pure magic from which more content can be quickly generated from. A good Brand Story helps the reader understand a business point of difference and connect with their brand. Using this Brand Story and existing content we fleshed out their written copy aligning it with the design to convert strategy. We worked with their library of visual assets to bring copy to life with web optimised imagery and video.

Where strategy meets creative
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We started by applying strategy and content to create a wireframe and navigation that was purpose built for the Fox Hole Films brand and goals. Working from the new and powerful brand identity we created a rich tapestry of web-ready patterns, textures and illustration. The resulting design was not only unique, but embodied their brand identity.

Building a unique experience
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Fox Hole Films challenged us to create an amazing opening transition, inspired by a film reel motif. We rose to the challenge not only creating a custom home page transition but also css effects on other pages to bring the site to life and hero their brand.

CONTENT Management
Reducing admin effort with a CMS
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We created a custom content management system for the team to be able to easily update content, keeping it fresh. Before they were stuck with a convoluted and finicky Wordpress backend. Now as their business grows, so will their website with new services, case studies and testimonials dynamically populating the site and slider sections.